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MG The Mortgage Guy has emerged as a top advisor and leader in the mortgage industry with over 19 years in the industry and more than 1 billion funded in home loans. Quiana owns one of the Top Real Estate Firms in the country, Watson Realty Co. In 2021 Watson Realty Co. completed $21 million in sales and serviced over 40 families. Watson is also a cast member on Ladies Who List ATL on the OWN Network.


  • Early access to episodes before they drop.
  • First Dibs to R&G pop ups, Networking Events Discounts on R&G Merch, Live Experience Tickets, and Other Events featuring Matt and Quiana
  • Ever listened to an episode and wish you could ask the guest a question. We got you! Select guests of R&G will be doing 30 minute Live Q&A. You're Welcome!
  • BTS: We will be granting our community a behind  the scenes look of what a typical show day is really like. See everything from Matt's sneaker collection, Quiana's wardrobe, and hot mic moments with guests. These Gems are going to be only for this  community!
  • R&G Library: Many previous guests have shared the reading material that revolutionized  their real estate mindset. We have compiled a comprehensive list of books, articles, resources, and media where members can learn and discuss.
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